Unveiling the Hidden Gems: What You Didn’t Know About SUMAS

Unveiling the Hidden Gems: What You Didn’t Know About SUMAS

When you hear “SUMAS,” the first thing that comes to mind is a renowned institution specializing in medical and health sciences. However, there’s more to this institution than meets the eye. SUMAS, the State University of Medical and Applied Sciences in Igbo Eno, Enugu State, is not just about medical sciences; it offers a diverse range of programmes that might surprise you. Medicine does not exist in isolation. Understanding the processes in disease development, diagnosis of diseases, development of instruments for diagnosis and treatment of diseases, exploring bio-resources for treatment of various diseases as well as processing and transformation of such resources requires knowledge of engineering and natural sciences. Thus, SUMAS offers programmes that link medicine with natural and applied sciences – hence the name: State University of Medical and Applied Sciences. In addition to Medical Sciences, Health Sciences and Pharmacy, SUMAS also have Faculties of Engineering and the Built Environment, and the Faculty of  Natural and Applied Sciences  

Engineering and the Built Environment:

Within the heart of SUMAS, there’s a bustling faculty dedicated to engineering and the built environment. Here, students can explore their passion for innovation and construction. The departments include Biomedical engineering, Chemical engineering, Mechanical engineering, Electrical/Electronic engineering, Computer engineering, Civil engineering, Quantity surveying, and Architecture. This means that if you’ve dreamt of becoming an architect, a quantity surveyor or an engineer, and understanding how these are interconnected for total wellbeing of a man and his environment, SUMAS could be the place to turn your dreams into reality.

Natural and Applied Sciences:

For those with a curiosity for the natural world and a desire to make an impact, the Faculty of Natural and Applied Sciences at SUMAS holds incredible opportunities. Departments like Genetics and Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Microbiology and Brewing, Pure and Industrial Chemistry, Computer Science, and Information and Communication Technology provide a rich landscape for scientific exploration. Whether you’re interested in genetic research, brewing, or computer science, SUMAS has you covered.

What sets SUMAS apart is its dedication to holistic education. The institution is committed to nurturing not only medical professionals but also engineers, architects, and scientists. Its diverse program offerings are a testament to this commitment, and students are encouraged to explore and discover their true passions within these diverse fields.

So, if you’re contemplating your higher education journey and the thought of studying engineering, architecture, or natural sciences piques your interest, don’t overlook SUMAS. It’s a multifaceted institution with a lot more to offer than you might have initially thought. SUMAS is not just a medical institution; it’s a place where various dreams can find their footing and where students can embark on a journey of academic exploration beyond the realm of medicine. Students are taught to envisage and plan for the future.

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