Oparaji Emeka Henry

FNAS, Natural and applied sciences, State University of Medical and Applied sciences








I’m Emeka Henry a staff of department of biochemistry, State University of Medical and Applied sciences Igbo Eno Enugu state. I have doctorate in industrial biochemistry and biotechnology with research expertise in fermentation technology, environmental biochemistryand enzymes engineering. Born on 13th September; an astute Catholic and strong Marian devotee. I enjoy scientific research and find soccer, singing very pleasurable.


B.Sc in Biochemistry
University of Nigeria Nsukka

M.Sc in Biochemistry
University of Nigeria Nsukka

PhD in Biochemistry
University of Nigeria Nsukka

Publications and Peer-reviewed Articles

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ISSN: 2639-7269 DOI: 10.18875

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Spectra analysis of chitosan from shells of Achatina sp. produced under different conditions. Accepted to be published. Heylion.

Ezenwelu , C.,O and Oparaji, E.H (2022). Properties of lipase from Aspergillus sp. ISBN-10: 6204982745. LAMBERT publishers.


Faculty of Natural and Applied Sciences

Department of Biochemistry

Knowledge Areas

Bioinformatics, protein productions and simulations, toxicology modelling and validation of ecology significance