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Dr Charity Ngozi Onyishi is a Senior Lecturer at the State University of Medical and Applied Sciences, Igbo-Eno, Enugu state, Nigeria. She holds a B.Sc in Sociology and Anthropology, M.Sc and Ph.D in Social Development Studies from the Department of Sociology and Anthropology, University of Nigeria, Nsukka. Charity has previously worked with Enugu State University of Science and Technology as a part-time lecturer. She was also a lecturer at Akanu Ibiam Federal Polytechnic Unwana, Ebonyi State, Nigeria. She is a member of Nigeria Anthropological and Sociological Practitioners Association (NASA). Charity has published book chapters and, journal articles in both local and international high-impact factor journals. She has also attended many research training workshops and conferences both within and outside her country. Her research interest focuses on rural communities’ livelihood, empowerment and survival strategies, sustainable rural agriculture, community health and, mixed-method research. As a researcher interested in investigating rural livelihoods and the informal sector, Charity leverage quantitative and qualitative data to learn more about social, cultural, economic, political, and other environmental factors impacting on livelihood in rural communities. Here is the link to Charity’s work: https://scholar.google.com/citations?authuser=2&user=WiiewK4AAAAJ

Personal email address: charityonyishi@gmail.com

Institutional email address: charity.onyishi@sumas.edu.ng

2013-2019 PhD in Sociology( Social Development Studies) University of Nigeria, Nsukka
2009-2012 M.Sc Sociology(Social Development Studies) University of Nigeria, Nsukka October
2001 – 2006 BSc(Sociology/Anthropology) 2ndClass Upper Division University of Nigeria, Nsukka
1994 –2000 West Africa Senior School Certificate Examination Urban Girls Secondary School Nsukka.
1988 – 1994 First School Leaving Certificate Umakashi/Achalla Joint Primary School, Nsukka

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