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COS 337

System Analysis and Design

Overview of System Analysis and Design, Business System Concepts, System Characteristics and Elements, Types of Systems, Systems Models, Categories of Information, Planning and control for system success, Project Selection,  Sources of project requests, Determining the user’s Information Requirements and Strategies,  Information gathering; Prototyping, Managing Project Review and Selection, Preliminary investigation,  Conducting the Investigation, Testing Project Feasibility, System Requirement Specifications: Requirements Determination; Fact Finding Techniques; Interview, Questionnaire, Record Review and Observation, System Development Life cycle; purpose and key elements, Process Models; Waterfall, Iterative model, Agile(Scrum), Structured Analysis; Data Flow Diagram, Data Dictionary, Decision Trees,  Identifying Data Requirements,  Decision Tables, Pros and Cons of Each Tool, Data Modelling, Entity relationship model, Decision tree and table, Unified Modelling Language; use case diagram, sequence diagram, activity diagram etc; System design: Structure charts, Form Designs, Database design, Security, Automated tools for design.

Course Code
COS 337
Computer Science, ICT Programme
Sumas University
300 Level, Undergraduate
Sumas University Lecturer
First Semester
2 Units