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QUS 413

Specification Writing & Building Measurement Project

Principles, documentation and uses of specification. Relationship between specification, drawings and bill of quantities. Form order and procedure in writing specification, use of published information such as British Standards Codes of Practice (DIN) performance specification. An introduction to the use of preliminary and preamble clauses. Specification writing for building works under the following headings: excavation and earth works, cement aggregates, mild steel, formwork, brickwork and stone work, metal and structural steel works, carpentry, joinery and roofing asphalt work, finishing; floor walls and ceiling glazing, painting, plumbing work, electrical work, fencing. Legal responsibility of parties to a construction project emergency procedures health – workplace, hazardous materials, eye equipment, head protection; foot protection, hearing protection; respiratory protection, hand/ skin, protection high visibility clothing; guardrails; personnel fall protection: ladder, scaffolds. Techniques – hand tools, power tools welding and cutting, formwork. Practical involved designing of building works and complete measurement

Course Code
QUS 413
Quantity Surveying
Sumas University
400 Level
Sumas University Lecturer
First Semester
2 Units