CPE 562

Robotic & Automation

Robot classification and manipulation. Technology and history of development of robots. Applications. Direct and inverse kinematics: arm equation. Workspace analysis and trajectory planning. Differential motion and statics. Manipulator dynamics. End-of arm tooling. Automation sensors. Robot vision. Work-cell support systems. Robot and system integration. Safety. Human interface. Robot control system. Circuit and system configuration. Task oriented control. Robot control programming. Fuzzy logic and AI based robot control. Fundamentals of automation. Strategies and economic consideration. Integration of systems. Impact to the production factory. Evaluation of conventional processes. Analysis of automated flow lines. Assembly systems and line balancing. Automated assembly systems. Numerical control and adaptive control. Robot applications. Automated materials handling and storage systems. Automation in inspection and testing. Linear feedback control system. Optimal control. Computer process control. Computer integrated manufacturing systems. Future automated factory.

Course Code
CPE 562
Computer Engineering
Sumas University
500 Level, Undergraduate
Sumas University Lecturer
Second Semester
2 Units