EEE 501

Renewable and New Energy Systems

Solar radiation and its measurement: solar constant, solar radiation at the Earth’s surface, radiation geometry and measurements data, radiation on tilted surfaces and estimation of average solar radiation. Physical principles of the conversion of solar radiation into heat, flat-plate collectors. Energy balance equation and collector efficiency. Thermal analysis of flat plate collectors and useful heat gained. Solar energy storage and applications.

Basic principles of wind energy conversion: power in the wind, forces on the blades, wind energy selection sites, basic components of wind energy conversion system, classifications. Types of wind machines – horizontal and vertical axis machines. Analysis of aerodynamic forces acting on the blade. Wind energy generator and load control. Applications of wind energy.

Biomass energy conversion technologies: wet and dry processes, classification of biogas plants and applications

Course Code
EEE 501
Electrical and Electronic
Sumas University
500 Level, Undergraduate
Sumas University Lecturer
First Semester
2 Units