PST 405

Physiotherapy in Arthropathies

Review of relevant anatomy where appropriate: Diagnosis in orthopaedics, subjective assessment, objective assessment. Deformities: types (congenital and acquired) causes, examples of congenital deformities, examples of acquired deformities, examination, medical and physiotherapy management, General bone affections, Bone dysplasias and malformations: osteogenesis inperfecta, pagets disease, Metabolic bone disease: osteoporosis, Local bone affections: oseomyelitis, tuberculous bone infection. Fracture: classification; pattern; complications; healing; deformities; management (closed and open reductions, immobilization and rehabilitation), Fracture of specific bones and sites. Humerus, forearm bones, pelvic, femur and tibia complication of fracture at specific sites should be emphasized, Displacement of joint: dislocation and subluxations (detailed discussion) dislocations and subluxations in the upper limbs, Dislocations and subluxations in the lower limbs, age and sex differences to dislocations and subluxation, Amputation: prevalence, aetiology, patient assessment, common complications, types or classification in the upper and lower limbs, psychosocial adjustment, phantom limb pairs; management: goals, bandaging, phases of physiotherapy management (preoperative, postoperative and prosthetic) Rheumatology: seropositive athritis: rheumatoid arthritis (RA), immunopathology of RA, common clinical manifestations, disease course, gemera; assessment differential diagnosis, Seronegative arthritics: ankylosing spondylitis, osteo-arthritics and related disorders. Metabolically related arthritic: Gout, Infectious (septic) arthritic: specific joints, hip, knee, shoulder, tuberculous arthritics (hip and spine). Connective tissue disease: systemic lupus erythematosus: all conditions must be treated adequately on the basis of the definition, aetiology, epidemiology, examination, management with emphasis in physiotherapy management.

Course Code
PST 405
Sumas University
400 Level, Undergraduate
Sumas University Lecturer
First Semester
3 Units