PCH 322

Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry II

Chemistry of heterocyclic compounds: Nomenclature, properties, preparation, reactions of the following classes of compounds: Furan, Thiophen, pyrrole, pyridine, isoquinoline and quinoline; General introduction, structure, nomenclature and synthesis of six-membered ring heterocycles viz: pyridine, piperidine, quinoline and isoquinoline. Examples of drugs in current use containing such heterocycles should be cited.

Chemistry of organometallic compounds: Organo Lithium; Organo Magnesium (Grignard reactions). Their preparation, reactions, applications in organic synthesis and pharmaceutical uses.

 Stereochemistry: Review of total concept of stereoisomerism as distinct from isomerisms of other types-optical and geometrical isomerism chiral and achiral molecules, stereoisomerism and molecular conformation in examples, Determination of configuration – spectroscopic methods Resolution of racemic mixture and importance in Pharmacy using named medicinal examples. Optical rotatory dispersion and its uses. Importance of stereochemistry in terpenes.

Pharmaceutical applications of organic compounds as agrochemicals and in clinical uses.

Course Code
PCH 322
Pharmacy PharmD_Programme
Sumas University
300 Level, Undergraduate
Sumas University Lecturer
Second Semester
2 Units