MBB 315

Human Genetics

Hereditary and molecular genetics as it applies to humans, with a strong genomics and human disease perspective.  Transmission genetics, the Human Genome Project, identification and cloning of  human  disease genes, modern  technologies for genome analysis, personal and cancer genomics. Through lectures, readings and case studies, students will gain an in-depth understanding of the human genome, inheritance, and genetic diseases, as well as research methods in human genetics. Epigenetics, cytogenetics, complex traits, and animal models to study genetic disorders, prenatal diagnosis, and ethics. Genetic testing, gene therapy and embryonic stem cells. The power and the limitations of a genetics-based view of human biology and disease; conceptual skills to address questions in genetics research and clinical practice; critical thinking with regard to ethical issues in genetics and their social implications.

Course Code
MBB 315
Electrical and Electronic, Genetics & Biotech, Physiotheraphy
Sumas University
300 Level, Undergraduate
Sumas University Lecturer
First Semester
2 Units