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CPE 572

Fuzzy Logic & Programming

Introduction: fuzzy set theory, knowledge base problem, objective and subjective knowledge, crisp sets, fuzzy sets, linguistic variables, membership functions. Set theoretic operations, comparison between crisp sets and fuzzy sets. Law of Contradiction and Law of Excluded Middle, fuzzy intersection, union and complement, and other fuzzy operators. Fuzzy relations and compositions on the same and different product spaces. Max-Min composition, Max-Product composition, fuzzy relational matrix, sup-star composition. Hedges or modifiers of linguistic variables, fuzzy logic vs. probability. Fuzzy reasoning and implication, the fuzzy truth tables, traditional propositional logic and the rule of inference, the Modus Ponens and Modus Tollens, fuzzy modelling with causal IF-THEN statements. Fuzzy Models, fuzzy logic systems, combination of fuzzy basis functions, universal approximator, fuzzy neural network, fuzzy associate memory matrix, self-learning fuzzy systems. Fuzzy logic system applications. Fuzzy programming.

Course Code
CPE 572
Computer Engineering
Sumas University
500 Level, Undergraduate
Sumas University Lecturer
Second Semester
2 Units