ARC 123

Free hand Sketching I

Definitions of terms frequently used in freehand sketching. Visual elements, dot, line,shape, texture, tone, colour. Application of ‘eye-and-hand’ measurements in composing from simple still life indoors and outdoors influence of sketching principles; proportion, balance, harmony, rhythm in sketching. Ability to express the physical environment in two-dimensional format should the thoroughly explained.  Basic sketching techniques or fundamentals of sketching. This involves the sketching of simple objects using pencil. The course lays emphasis on visual perception, still-life composition and basic rendering techniques. The use of various media (wet and dry): pencil, crayon, coloured pencils, charcoal, oil, pastel, chalk, markers, water-colour etc. Lectures are given on the use of different shading types and techniques, tones, hues and texture. The above language and media successfully communicate the proposed building design (externally and internally). Perspective drawing (aerial, exterior and interior) rendered with freehand are always expected from students during private periods and are submitted for marking.


Course Code
ARC 123
Sumas University
100 Level, Undergraduate
Sumas University Lecturer
First Semester