MCB 325

Food Microbiology I

(Pre-requisites: MCB 102 & either MCB 201 or MCB 202)

 Introduction and Scope of the food microbiology. Microbial groups important in food and food industries. Sources of food contamination/ contaminants- green plants and fruits, animals, sewage, water, air, handling and processing etc. Food Spoilage- concept, origin and specificity of spoilage types, principles underlying food spoilage. Concept of spoilage association in food contamination/ microbial ecology of foods Рintrinsic factors, processing, extrinsic factors, implicit influences on primary association. Contamination, spoilage and preservation of specific foods and products Рcereals, flours and pastas, sugars, syrups, starches and sweeteners, fruits and vegetables, meat and meat products, fish/shellfish/fish products and other marine foods, poultry and poultry products, dairy and dairy products, eggs and egg products, beverages (fruits juices and soft drinks). Microbiological indicators in food spoilage / food quality. Principles of food processing and preservation Рasepsis, anaerobiosis and controlled environment, high temperature, low temperature, dehydration, irradiation, chemical additives, multiple hurdle techniques, introduction to HACCP; food and plant hygiène and sanitation, others. Food borne diseases Рmicrobial food borne infections, microbial food borne intoxications, mycotoxins and mycotoxicosis, other gastrointestinal illnesses of food origin.

Course Code
MCB 325
Microbiology & Brewing
Sumas University
300 Level, Undergraduate
Sumas University Lecturer
First Semester
2 Units