EEE 563

Electric Motor Drives

DC Motor Control: Basic equations for armature voltage and field flux control of motor speed; Forward and reverse running regenerative braking conditions; solid state dc motor control using controlled rectifiers and dc to dc choppers; open loop and closed loop analysis of controlled separately excited dc motor. Three-phase Induction Motor Control: Basic speed/torque control principles by pole changing, frequency and stator voltage variation; solid state induction motor open loop drives using inverters, ac controllers, slip energy recovery schemes; closed loop control schemes by constant air gap flux control and slip frequency control; D-Q axis analysis of controlled induction motor. Three phase synchronous motor control: Basic equations of armature voltage, frequency and rotor angle control of motor speed/torque. Inverter-fed synchronous motor drive configurations; dynamic analysis of controlled 3-phase synchronous motors.

Course Code
EEE 563
Electrical and Electronic
Sumas University
500 Level, Undergraduate
Sumas University Lecturer
First Semester
2 Units