CVE 531

Civil Engineering Practice II

The Management of Environment: Formation of a Company, sources of finance, money and credit. Insurance. National Policies. GNP growth rate and prediction.  Organizational Management: Principles and elements of organization, organization charts, functions, types, principles of management, schools of thought, office and production management, management by objectives, personnel management: selection, recruitment and training, job evaluation, merit rating, incentive schemes, industrial committees and joint consultation, trade unions and collective bargaining.  Life cycle costing in construction.  (Operation and Maintenance of Project) ICT Applications in Construction.

Industrial psychology: Individual and group behaviour, the learning process, motivation and morale, influence of the industrial environment, resources management and engineering economy: Materials management, purchasing methods, introduction to investment, expenses and time value of money, cost of money and interest rate depreciation, return of investment and various aspects of cost, principles of comparison of alternatives (Contracts, Interest formulae, Rate of Return, Methods of economic evaluation, selection between alternatives, tendering evaluation and contract administration).  Work study and production processes: Basic principles of work study, principles of motion economy, ergonomics in the design of equipment and processes.

Course Code
CVE 531
Civil Engineering
Sumas University
500 Level, Undergraduate
Sumas University Lecturer
Second Semester
4 Units