MCB 411

Brewing Process & Industry

Beer brewing. Hops and hop products. Chemistry and use of hops. Wort. Mashing and Wort production, boiling and hop extraction. Chemistry of wort; carbohydrates, nitrogenous compounds, vitamins chemical interactions during wort boiling: Carbohydrate-nitrogeneous compounds, protein-polyphenol interaction, hop constituent interaction etc, Wort clarification. Preparation of pitching yeast. Wort pitching. Fermentation conditions. Fermentation rooms and vessels. Accelerated fermentation and continuous fermentation. Low and High gravity brewing. Light beers, shandy and alcohol-free beers. Beer conditioning, clarification and pasteurization; packaging etc. Microbial contamination in the brewery; bacteria and wild yeasts in beer. Chemical and physical properties of beer, foam, gushing, haze etc. Nutritional value of beer. Beer flavour and beer quality. Beer spoilage.

African Traditional brews and Beers, raw materials and processes.

Course Code
MCB 411
Microbiology & Brewing
Sumas University
400 Level, Undergraduate
Sumas University Lecturer
First Semester
2 Units