CHM 112

Basic Principles of Physical Chemistry

Gases: The gas laws, the kinetic theory of gases. Elementary derivation/deduction of the gas laws. Molecular speeds. Deviation; from idea gas behaviour. Van der Waal’s modification. Liquefaction of gases. Phase Transition & Phase Equilibrium (one component system). Solutions: Brief survey of properties of solutions (vapour pressure, boiling point, freezing point). Ideal solution Raoult’s law Henry’s law. Real solution. Colligative properties and molecular weight determination by vapour pressure and freezing point lowering, boiling point elevation and osmotic pressure measurement. Aspects of 1st law of Thermodynamics: Thermochemistry. Chemical Equilibrium. Chemical Energetics: Entropy, free energy and spontaneous changes. Ionic Equilibria. Acids, bases and indicators, buffers. Elementary Chemical Kinetics: Reaction rate and factors affecting it. Experimental rate law. Order, molecularity and stoichiometry. Zero and 1st order reactions: Effect of temperature on reaction rate – Arrhenius equation Collision and transition state theory (qualitative/treatment).

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CHM 112
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Sumas University
100 Level, Undergraduate
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Second Semester
2 Units