MLS 301

Basic Clinical Chemistry

Traditional and S.I. units in Clinical Chemistry; reference values; gastric function tests; Agents for Gastric stimulation. Ward procedures and laboratory Investigation of Gastric Secretions. Intestinal function tests; Digestion and absorption; Causes of Malabsorption. Laboratory investigation of malabsorption; Renal function tests; functions of the kidney; Measurement of renal plasma flow; Glomerular filtration rate – Creatinine Clearance; Inulin clearance; Concentration and Dilution Tests; Urinary Acidification Tests, urine specific gravity/Osmolality Dye Excretion test. Water and Electrolyte metabolism. Acid base balance; Definition and causes of acidosis and alkalosis; Blood buffers. Transport of blood gases; assessment of acid/base status. Lipids; definition and types of lipids. Formation of free fatty acids, ketone bodies and Lactate; Measurement of plasma lipids and lipoproteins. Plasma proteins and physiologic functions; factors affecting synthesis and catabolism. Methods for the determining of total protein in serum. Carbohydrate metabolism: Blood glucose homeostasis; hyperglycaemia diabetes mellitus – its causes and investigation; Hypoglycaemia – types, causes and investigation.

Course Code
MLS 301
Medical Laboratory Science
Sumas University
300 Level, Undergraduate
Sumas University Lecturer
First Semester
3 Units