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ARC 403

Architecture Management and Law

 LAW: General Principles of Contracts

Law of Contract: Forms of contact criteria for selecting contractors offer and acceptance of contracts: Terms of Contracts Suppliers Duties – Damages and other Remedies. Termination/Cancellation of Contract Liquidation and Penalties, Exemption clauses, safety and Risk. Health and Safety. Duties and Employers towards their employees. Duties imposed on employees. Fire precautions act. Design for safety.

MANAGEMENT: General Principles of Management and Appraisal Techniques.

Break through and control management theory; personnel management, labour and public relations, wages and salary administration. Production and maintenance management. Training and manpower development. The manager and policy formulation, objective setting, planning, organizing and controlling, motivation and appraisal of results.    


Course Code
ARC 403
Sumas University
400 Level
Sumas University Lecturer
First Semester